ThePIP® Device

  • ThePIP® is a unique life safety component designed to prevent electrical fire caused by overheating.
  • ThePIP® is a non-resettable thermal switch designed to activate at a given temperature: 85°C ± 5°.
  • 85°C ± 5°C is pre smoke or fire!
  • ThePIP® is an “open going closed” thermal switch.
  • ThePIP® is not a “point temperature” device, it activates at an ambient temperature of 85°C ±5°C, however if the temperature remains at a constant 65°C + it will commence a slow creep activation. Because although the optimum temperature of 85°C ±5°C has not yet been reached the duration of 65°C + is clearly unsafe.
  • ThePIP® is N/O changing state to N/C when activated. The N/C switch is designed to carry a maximum load of 30mA.
  • ThePIP® can be used as a circuit board component and also suitable for domestic and commercial applications when used in conjunction with ThePIP® Modular System.
  • ThePIP® does not require any electrical supply whatsoever and costs nothing to run.
  • Because ThePIP® ’s normal state is “normally open” it is unaffected by electrical testing.

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ThePIP® device is available in three variants:


This is for use in countries with lower voltages such as Japan and America.


This is for use in countries with higher voltages such as Europe.


This is for use in any country. It does not isolate the electrical supply, it is simply a switch that operates at 85°C ± 5°C and interfaces with fire alarms, BMS etc. to warn of the imminent danger of fire.

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